June 06, 2006


Religious leaders throughout time in memorial have caused an overwhelming fear to resonate within the populace, and within the church, about this particular number when it is the spiritual influence which they themselves have invoked upon it, which causes fear to be given place within the minds and hearts of the undiscerning.

The mark of the beast is in-fact:

‘The deification of man’
6 (hex-ak-os’-ee-oy) - in actions of man
6 (hex-ay’-kon-tah) - in the mind of man
6 (hex)- in the body of man

Works without spirit, just as the tower of Babel was a work to reach God through works. It is the acceptance of the being of man the highest achievement of all knowledge attainable. It must be received in the mind, (as a mind-set) or in the hand (as a relational association with the evil of human intellect), The worship of ‘Self’.

Gen 11:9
Therefore 5921, 3651 is the name8034 of it called7121 Babel; 894 because3588 the LORD3068 did there8033 confound1101 the language8193 of all3605 the earth: 776 and from thence4480, 8033 did the LORD3068 scatter them abroad6327 upon5921 the face6440 of all3605 the earth.776

It is the computation of man’s abilities in knowledge apart from wisdom; literally it is a man without a spirit ‘a beast’, a construct, and a soulless form. Many learned men have computed the meanings of this mark of the *beast when it is the revelation of the fullness of the arrogance of man’s accumulation of knowledge unto ‘self-worship’, man himself has made himself ‘the god of this world’.

So, God has confused man, so that he will not manifest fourth this mutated image of God to worship, which is what man is trying to do. To bring fourth an image of God in man’s distorted image the worship of self.

The interpretations of prophecies which speak of the ‘mark’, and ‘end-times’ which have been interpreted by carnal understandings of the intellectual mind, and not through the discernment of the Holy Spirit, resulting in a delusional understanding of the God’s message to man.

Leaving man lost in a mixture of half-truths. This is a culmination of intellectual religious traditions and blended with folklore casing the word of God to be of none effect, leaving man unprepared for the coming of the Lord with His reward.

Let us look at some of the most commonly misinterpreted verses of scripture:

1 Th 4:16
For3754 the3588 Lord2962 himself846 shall descend2597 from575 heaven3772 with1722 a shout, 2752 with1722 the voice5456 of the archangel, 743 and2532 with1722 the trump4536 of God: 2316 and2532 the3588 dead3498 in1722 Christ5547 shall rise450 first: 4412

For the Lord in person shall come from the hearts of His sons (heaven - the abode of God i.e. from our heart) for every ‘eye’ (the eye of the spirit is single) shall see Him, (not eyes, not from the sky, nor from satellites orbiting the Earth as is so taught in this technological age), He presences in us is the ‘catching-up’ which is spoken of in the Word, will take by force all evil from the soul of man, not man from the Earth, by His glory.

Joh 17:15
I pray2065 not3756 that2443 thou shouldest take142 them846 out of 1537 the3588 world, 2889 but235 that2443 thou shouldest keep5083 them846 from1537 the3588 evil.4190

He comes from within His people (the abode of God) Have we not asked Him to make up His abode in our hearts? He himself is our reward, which He has promised. In this unity the sons shall speak with ‘one voice’ with a ‘shout of victory’, which is the trump of God.

2Th 1:10
When3752 he shall come2064 to be glorified1740 in1722 his848 saints, 40 and2532 to be admired2296 in1722 all3956 them that believe4100 (because3754 our2257 testimony3142 among1909 you5209 was believed) 4100 in1722 that1565 day.2250

Gal 4:19
My3450 little children, 5040 of whom3739 I travail in birth5605 again3825 until891 Christ (5547) be formed3445 in1722 you, 5213

Eph 1:18
The3588 eyes3788 of your5216 understanding1271 being enlightened; 5461 that ye5209 may know1492 what5101 is2076 the3588 hope1680 of his846 calling, 2821 and2532 what5101 the3588 riches4149 of the3588 glory1391 of his846 inheritance2817 in1722 the3588 saints, 40

No longer shall we be apart from Him. Man will no longer walk in the mixture of ‘the knowledge of good and evil’, but only in the knowledge of God alone!

1 Th 4:17
Then1899 we2249 which are alive2198 and remain4035 shall be caught up726 together260 with4862 them846 in1722 the clouds3507 to meet1519, 529 the3588 Lord2962 in1519 the air: 109 and2532 so3779 shall we ever3842 be2071 with4862 the Lord.2962

We who are ‘alive’ (those who are joined in spirit,) ‘remain’ (who ‘stand’ true to the Holy Spirit, fixed, unshaken by traditions of men) shall be ‘caught-up’ (to be brought up into the high level of communion in the Spirit) together with them in the ‘clouds’ here is a conformation of the discernment of the term: ‘clouds’

Jud 1:12 These 3778 are1526 spots4694 in1722 your5216 feasts of charity, 26 when they feast with4910 you, 5213 feeding4165 themselves1438 without fear: 870 clouds3507 they are without water, 504 carried about4064 of5259 winds; 417 trees1186 whose fruit withereth, 5352

‘Clouds with water’, (with spirit) and there are ‘clouds without water’- (without spirit). Who are carried about of winds (unstable, unclean spirits) also known as trees with withered fruit, (without discernment). These are they who seek to further the worship of man as God, coveting the fruit of others, weather they are passed or live.

*A wild, or dangerous, or venomous animal.

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