August 04, 2008

When there Be! ‘An Acknowledgment to God’s Manifested Promises’

Act 2:17 And it shall be in the last days, saith God,

I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams;

When there Be! ‘An Acknowledgment to God’s Manifested Promises’ ‘Through the Pulling Upon the Heart of Man in this wicked time, in this…

‘The Last Day!’

God Is! As Promised (quote: ‘I Will Pour Out Of My Spirit’ Upon ALL Flesh!’ close quote)

(Weather You want It or Not! Weather you know it or not!)

Sleeping Much?

Not If You’re The One Of The Chosen! Your Not! Not This Day!

But to the rest of those of You out there, on the outside looking In!

Still Asleep,

‘I Say Unto You!’ ‘Wake Up! In your Slumber! And Fear Not!

See His Face In The Perfect Mirror Of His Word Made Flesh!

Alive WithIn You! In Your Spirit! Your Heart! Your Very Core! And Dream! His Dreams! Made Yours For All Eternity!

All you who are dead Unto Him In Your Heart and Mind and in Your daily Lives!

(O’ Ye dead dry bones) Who have not Singleness of Heart enough ‘to Hear!

For The Speeding Of Your Mind! To Hear! ‘His Loving Voice!’

‘Speaking Clear Into All Men’s Heart!’ ‘Eternally Speaking!’ Lovingly! And Clearly Into All The Heart! Of All ManKind!’ To Show You! Man! In His Own Self! In His Own Being! In His ‘IS ness!’

Man Transforms In God! Man In God! God In Man!

Manifesting One Eternal Being!

“The Great I AM!”

(The Father! Manifest In The Son! Manifesting In The Sons Of God!)

Are You Heretofore Dull of Hearing?

Because ‘You do Not!’ Stand still before Him!

Naked! Open! And Honest Before Him!

You To Shall Hear The Voice Of Many Waters Springing Up!

Ever Welling Up Within You!

Consuming You! ‘In Your Heart’s Every Care! ‘Fulfilling Your Every Dream to Reality!

Inheriting The Throne Of Rule From The Father Over ‘Your Own Personal Heaven’

Oh! The Yearning For His Tender Loving Voice! ‘I Am! That ‘I Am!’

You My BeLoved! The Supreme Expression! The Embodiment of All That Is! All Of Creation! All Of It! ‘In You My Bride! In His Loving Voice!’ ‘Maybe you didn’t hear me?’ All That There IS! In Any! And All Known or Unknown Universes, Dimensions, or Parallel Existents! All OF THEM! At All Times All At Once Completely!

Eternally! Speaking To Me In My Heart Preparing My Heart For His Full Expression In This Flesh Me!Take that in for a sweet moment!

September 02, 2007

Saving Grace

August 23, 2007

Awakened Filter

Over the last seven years I’ve gone from being an egger listener to all the top conservative radio talk shows, to an awakened filter of the propaganda, which had indoctrinated me since the early 90’s.

From: Rush Limbaugh, Pat Campbell, Glenn Beck, Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage along with Fox News radio.

Through the course of any given week the mantra is to be espousing through these hosts is ‘walk the line’ according to Network’s owners, who are known controlled CIA assets, under the preview of the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Communication Commission, and more importantly The White House.

Seeing many of these hosts have in fact met with members of The White House, and quite possibly the President himself, for their ‘talking points’ from on high. Some have of their own words announced their visits to the High Priest ‘W’ in the Holy Place of D.C.

Their reoccurring preoccupation with meaningless mediocrity of sensationalism of ‘who, what, when, and where.’ Have caused the instability of the mentality of the citizenry through the relentless manipulation of their opinions and reducing the strength of their daily mental focus.

Over numerous days of superfluous terror alerts, color codes, mandatory airport security lines, roadblocks, and check points. All to curtail our very sense of security and well being, being under constant attack by the slave masters through the media.

Daily our freedoms are being usurped by those who stand ‘as’ our handlers all the while behind closed doors taking the rights our founding fathers fought and died for away from us. Taking our right to travel freely by illegal checkpoints.

Surveillance our every transaction weather public or private through digital (RFID) customer loyalty cards. Also, facial recognition software at our airports, reverse profiling. Not to mention Cameras, e-pass, OnStar, PGS,

Cell phone power off listening, high altitude surveillance blimps.

Illegal stops by mercenary police officers harassing citizens with ‘no probable cause’ but to harass and intimidate the people.

Whom they have no intention to protect and serve’.

December 21, 2006

As The Lord waits!

For the rest of us to get before Him! The next few years, the world will be turned under,
by the control and full spectrum dominance of the ‘Corporate world.’

Contrived shortages of:
(Codex alimentarius manipulation)
(Deliberate ongoing pollution)
(Hindered furtherance of any alternatives)

All of these will occur for the sole purposes of corporate monetary gain!
The souls of men shall become a commodity to be controlled bought sold and traded!

This will be the norm, in the just a few years to come, but the most odious of these controls, is the reinforcement within the mentality of the peoples of America, that these controls are irrefutable and futile to resist because of the fear imposed on them, by the controllers of the modern terror, this fear is to conform peoples into ‘mere spectators’ viewing of the rest of the world, as ‘base primal entertainment.’

As America is fully engrossed and entertained by the wonders of the rest of the worlds’ conflicts, the American peoples worse fears are then realized (freedom is unilaterally stripped from them.) As they all were told to ‘go shopping,’ to act as if the murder of over three thousand people was just a scripted play for their amusement.

And so they all did! Go shopping as good little sheep, they go on daily listening to their ipods, radio and driving their low mpg cars (which gives their controllers even more power over them, by the means of their own ignorant actions,) so they sit and watch their soap operas on their cable and satellite TV’s as if it were just another glorious day in America.

These conformed sheep are so eagerly given over to the luxuries of American life, in exchange for their unquestioning homage and obedience to ‘the world corporation.’ These sheep are in fact ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ willing to turn on those of us who expose the truth, of their controllers, and they are so willing to fight against the exposition of the manipulations of the worlds’ resources, and thereby its populations.

That they will cause many to be killed or imprisoned thinking they do a good service to humanity by getting them out of the way. Thereby allowing more of the stockpiling and hording the worlds’ resources into American coffers. Calling those who dare note the inconsistencies of the ‘official story’ conspiracy ‘nuts.’ When they themselves contrive theories, and dole them for common consumption, to cover their covert activities upon the worlds’ peoples.

Also, as a result of any civil dissent, would be the immediate removal of all freedoms, security, and also including but not limited to the discontinuation of monetary transfers or implementation to the dissenting individuals or groups. For all intensive purposes ‘they will starve out those who have the courage to stand against the ‘official story.’…This is only the beginning of an awakening!

November 13, 2006

An epiphany

I have had an epiphany! It has been such a gut wrenching process, that I found myself losing all interest in all of the former political forums, periodicals and blogs, and appetites that I frequented and also with the friends whom I have had common beliefs with, is now shelved. Never believing that I would ever form an independent thought which was contrary to the lock-step hard line of the conservative republican /democratic pendants.

Being affiliated in mind and belief with the most popular mainstream programming, as by radio, television that have groomed their talking heads to espouse their pre-approved pre-packaged image of freedom, and not the real gift of freedom given from God. Slowly conforming the masses into a shivering waft of our former selves, believing the spoon-fed regiment of snippets, blurbs, and sound bites.

Whereas the relevant issues are glossed over by the mainstream, crowded out by fluff and superfluous attention to fashion, consumerism, racisms, hate, and greed resulting in the assistance the furtherance of a covert clandestine accord by the elite power structure within the world who are linked by the desire to control the world’s people under a tyrannical pursuit of base elemental human rule and dominance of those whom have been enslaved by the construct of those who are the formers of the collective consciousness.

The manipulation of the mind through the conditionings and the stimulation of the senses at the most base level, the arousal of underlying primal fear within the human mind through theatrical embellishments of the conditions of the world around us when it is by this methodologies the consequences of these falsehood are made reality. By giving the peoples a sense of urgency in these falsehoods they run to those whom claim to hold remedy for the worlds ills.

And, if they are willing to follow the prescribed path to self-hollowness, has the trainer snaps its whip corralling the masses into the belief that they will be saved from the horrors of the human animal which is they whom have inflicted the ills upon ourselves, in the first place. The cognitive abilities of the individual being quashed because of the fear of the intuitive awareness of an awakening of the innermost man whom they fear, and whom no one can deceive.

And through this continuance, is the retardation of the transformation of Mankind itself. And if these impressions are the reality of the matter, then what shall we do when we see that it is we ourselves who are the ‘they’ whom have caused theses things to come forth within our pursuit of our own illusionary and security?

What shall you do?

Reverend Joseph G. Steadman

June 18, 2006

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June 11, 2006

AREE - The Lion King of the tribe of Judah

AREE - the Lion - East

I am eternal, king of the tribe Judah, of heavenly origin; I am many names and faces; I am Aree, Shore, Adom, and Na’sher. I am four, and we four are ‘One’. I am super-dimensional; I seek within this earthly realm, west, east, north, south to and fro, throughout time and space, for those souls whom have taken into themselves the“rejected ones”. They are ancient ones of hued in nature. Adherent to those which they were told are “forbidden.” my calling, to bring to origin those who have swayed them from their first estate.

Greed, Murder, Pride, Rage

This is a true account of those encounters,

Subject: C.B. Andrews of the east, an heir to old money and power, a tyrant following after his father’s footsteps (who passed, despite our intervention and accountability before his soul.) Evidence leading to Mr. Andrews was prompted by an overwhelming preponderance of reoccurring events leading to the near lost of a life by his hand, ‘in the pursuit of mammon and power’. Just prior to the commission of the murder, the subject was intercepted fully engulfed, and fully focused in the pride of self-absorption in the acquisition of another man’s life’s work.

In route to the intended victim’s home, an accident was set in motion, (I appeared in the middle of the road) thereby deflecting his murderous plan. Due to the depth of the subject’s experience in *‘the knowledge’ his was deemed a most vital candidate for intervention. Greed and Rage had finally matured into Murder within the subject. The encounter; began to unfold as the subject’s vehicle came to rest in a drainage ditch, after rolling over, it knocking the subject unconscious, as the car began to fill with water he immediately awoke, as a result the subject, was dazed, and in darkness, he was subsequently made aware of, and confronted by the presence of the entities which drove him to this murder.

The fear of drowning gripping the subject, he began to rage against his circumstances. Struggling to free himself from the wreckage, but without success he began to curse and blaspheme, but there was no one to hear on that bleak stretch of road, then after realizing he was not going to get out of this alone, he began to reflect on the pursuits of his life, and how greed and the ever-ending pursuit of position, power and wealth had totally consumed him. But, each time his soul began to feel, he would shove it back down deeper within his scared psyche. He began to be greatly enraged over the fact he was unable to complete his plan, to absorb his victim’s wealth. He thought of using the gun on himself, because he knew that if he did not get out of there, all the proof of his plan would be discovered.

And he would spend the rest of his life in prison. As the car filled, he resolved to shoot himself. He cocked the gun, and as he pointed it at his head, that instant I appeared! (In my true form,) Upon the hood of his car, he began to scream ‘what the hell are you?’ his mind raced knowing there were no lions roaming free in this country, the spirit of rage began to manifest, and it spoke: ‘what the hell do you what from us’? He shot me, the bullet passed through me; over and over again he fired, hitting his mark, until the gun was spent. As the gaze of my fiery eyes pierced him to his core, the spirits screamed again ‘What the HELL! Are you, what do you what from me? The spirit raged again and again.

As I revealed the spirit to his now bare soul, deeper and deeper still he began to see, and understand the waste that was his life. And that it all meant nothing in the scope of the eternal. But, the fight was not yet over, not by a long shot, (if to excuse term,) these spirits where at home, and they were not going to go easily, a home which had been groomed and conditioned over the years, which was dull and hollow, ripe for more entities to take up residence within him. The brilliants of my form cause the spirits to wrench with pain, distorting the face of the man. He began to vomit violently, all over himself, as the spirit bartered with me for his soul. ‘Let us keep him!’

I step even closer to him, he screamed in searing pain. Go! Leave! Let us die alone! I stretch forth one of my wings to reveal even more glory, unto the spirit of rage, and pride spoke through, and laughed ‘you can’t have him, he’s ours’ I stretched forth another of my wings, and a great whaling came from the depths of the man, vomiting again from the darkness of the man, because of the overwhelming power of the encounter. I put forth my hands from under my wings and called the spirits to come forth, ‘Come forth and hold your peace’. With a great blast of my heart, the spirits released him.

He began for the first time in his life to pray, and asking God for another chance to make all the things right with all those whom he had wronged. Weeping and crying and still groggy from the influence of the ordeal, he finally climbed out the shattered windshield; he threw the gun in the water and swam for the bank, his wounds where mysteriously healed he began to walk back up the road, back the way in which he came. He turned to see as the car sunk below the surface, knowing that a miracle had just occurred, he took a deep breathe, and knew that he was not the same man that was in that car.

He walked for what seemed miles, until he was finally able to hail a cab, and made his way back to his sprawling mansion; he knew he had little time to undo what he had set into motion. And as he finished showering he glanced in the mirror at someone whom he had not seen ever since his father died a bitter empty shell of a man. Now with a strange found strength he dressed and called his driver to meet him at the lobby entrance, to taken him to his office, so to remove all evidence of the wire transfer. As he labor through the rest of the night as the sun broke over the skyline, it finally was done he had returned the stolen moneys to their rightful owner.

And, with no time to spare, as his partner burst through the door with great news of how his stocks have just exploded overnight, he was now a very rich man. And he came in early to thank his partner for this windfall; for it was the tutelage of his partner which made it possible. And he knew it; he thanked him for this great increase. Tears welled up in Mr. Andrews’s eyes as he looked at the man that now thanked him. Is whom, only hours earlier he had planned to murder for that very same windfall. Because of the timely intervention Mr. Andrews, the tide has turned and the now the restoration begins. As the days passed,

Mr. Andrews traveled the world, setting right the wrongs of his underhanded dealings. He will take on a new acquisition, as he shares with those whom he had wronged ‘the tail of the night he planned to kill a man’, and how through a super-natural event, he experienced the unseen guardians of our souls. Giving hope to those whom followed his worldly example of greed, and what the consequences where, if they followed it to the end. Completions of the forthcoming intervention(s) are to be report as that are completed.

SHORE - the Ox West

I am eternal, burden bearer of heavenly origin; I am many names and faces; I am Aree, Shore, Adom, and Na’sher. I am four, and we four are ‘One’. I am super-dimensional; I seek within this earthly realm, west, east, north, south to and fro, throughout time and space, for those souls whom have taken into themselves the “rejected ones”. They are ancient ones of hued in nature. Adherent to those which they were told are “forbidden.” my calling, to bring to origin those who have swayed them from their first estate.

Depression, Obsession, Rejection, Worry

This is a true account of those encounters,

Subject: Mr. F. E. Dourer of the west, a man of limited means, a con, a follower of lest resistance, a coward, a bully, a drug dealer, and a small time pimp and hustler, with a lengthy criminal record. Subject is currently under the control of a local crime boss who has called in his marker on Mr. Dourer if the marker is not paid in twenty-four hours, the subject will be terminated. Subject’s daily activity consists of pick-up and delivery of protection payments from the small market owners, within a given blocks radius of the boss, who in turn gives Mr. Dourer a very small cut.

This is quickly used, for his daily stash, and fix. To keep his dealing business up and running, then to the city to collect from the girls, whom he keeps on a very tight leash, one of whom is his own sister who he’s gotten hooked on drugs, and then prostituted out to those whom he owes. The subject’s emersion in * ‘the knowledge’ has given rise to a chain of events which will lead to not only his own death, but the death of his younger sister as well. Thus he was deemed a most vital candidate for intervention. The subject pulled into a gas station to get his fix in the men’s room as he has done daily for years. But this time, his smack is bad, cut with to much fluff.

It hit him, as he arrived at his sister’s corner of the street. She got in the car, he began to shake uncontrollable from the shot. His sister screams out for help, but no one in that neighborhood would help, knowing whom it was that was in trouble. She crawled over him into the driver’s seat and sped off towards the hospital. His flailing struck her in the face blurring her vision, she careened across the parking lot, and wrecked into the hospital’s mental ward. In a panic she screamed ‘help us’ two orderlies ran out to see what hit the building. The intervention began when they put him and his sister in an empty room, and ran for a doctor on the other side of the hospital.

I manifested to him only (in my true form) as he was unconscious, when he saw me he said laughing ‘what the hell are you suppose to be’ knowing the fragile mental condition of his sister, I could not appear visibly to her, or she would remain within this facility forever with no hope of recovery. As the subject slip further into his drug induced comma, the spirit which drove him into his present state began to speak to me. First Depression’s influence spoke: questioning began the point of this intervention. ‘What’s the point of saving this worthless piece of humanity? ‘It asked?’ I held my peace, and then because of my presence Obsession spoke: asking to go into the sister.

With that request, Rejection wondered aloud; so where will I go then if I am left alone in here? I stepped forward placing my glaze fully into all of them at once, they screeched, and fled deeper into his crowed soul. Retreating from, the glorious precedence of my voice, calling to them from within Mr. Dourer’s soul. Worry spoke only once, begging not to be removed from him, accustoming to his moods, and gave the subject much to ponder over the years. As the effects of the drug began to wear off, and he began to gain consciousness, I spoke to the Mr. Dourer audibly, and asked if he would be free from these things which tormented him?

He whispered ‘yes’ I want to be free from all of this pain. Thinking it was a doctor speaking to him he asked for a shot, his eyes being tightly closed. Then at that point I appeared in full glory for them to see and hear. It was as if the sun itself where in the room in all it’s fullness. The subject’s sister shielded her eyes, and opened her mouth to scream but she could not utter a sound for she was dumb at my presences. Mr. Dourer saw whom it was which spoke unto him, he stood straight away, and drew a knife and stabbed it into my chest through my wings, I did not move, but for my wings fluttering with my words of life which I spoke over his soul, even as he stabbed me.

My hand appear from under my wing and removed the blade from my chest, the gapping wound healed before their eyes as the blade fell to the floor it dissolved, Mr. Dourer laughed out loud with disbelief. I lifted my wings and revealed my hands to him; the spirits within him began again to stir begging to be left alone. I spoke to them ‘you shall be restored unto freedom, and peace, now go!’ Mr. Dourer’s body began to float above the floor, at that moment the orderlies had returned with a doctor, but the door was closed, and could not be opened as long as I was in the room. They pushed with all their might but could not open the door.

They just watched through the window in amassment as they saw Mr. Dourer float in mid air. They could not see my form, they yelled to the sister ‘open the door’ who could only cry and stare at what transpired, believing this was all just some bad trip from the drugs she had done the night before. Mr. Dourer trembled and moaned with great despair, I placed my hands near his chest and spirits came weeping out of him ‘whaling in sorrow’ I spoke unto them ‘Go! To the Father to be set a liberty’ they fled, Mr. Dourer sank down to the floor and stood on his own feet, free and clear of the spirits which consumed his life.

His sister had passed out from the overwhelming glory which filled the room. Mr. Dourer pick up his sister and turned and faced me again and asked if I would help her too? I nodded, and lifted my wings; I shone as the sun! She gasped and then coughed with a long moaning draw; she too, was free from her unseen influence. She looked up at her brother’s face for the first time in years through clear eyes. And saw the man she knew in her youth. I stepped forward toward them both, and walked right through them to fill their empty souls with love, as I stepped through the wall of the room, and disappeared.

The door open of its own accord, the orderlies flooded in as did the doctor, witnessing it all they immediately began to study them, they where protected from those who searched to kill them, within the mental ward of the hospital. During their stay the boss had be convicted for racketeering and murder. The marker was paid in full. After being cared for and fed, Mr. Dourer and his sister when back to the same neighborhood which they were once destroying, and with the help of the doctor which cared for them, and witnessed Mr. Dourer’s intervention, (and a little help from local officials) set up a crisis center for those whom they had once enslaved.

The girls, whom Mr. Dourer had previously pimped, were now clean, and serving the community, by helping the young run-a-ways (which they were once.)

ADOM – the Man South

I am eternal, blood of God, a creature of heavenly origin; the beginning formation of the Supreme, I am many names and faces; I am Aree, Shore, Adom, and Na’sher. I am four, and we four are ‘One’. I am super-dimensional; I seek within this earthly realm, west, east, north, south, to and fro, throughout time and space, for those souls whom have taken into themselves the “rejected ones”. They are ancient ones of hued in nature. Adherent to those which they were told are “forbidden.” my calling, to bring to origin those who have swayed them from their first estate.

Despair, Self-Loathing, Suicide, Worthlessness

This is a true account of those encounters,

Subject: I. H. Galeton of the south, an ailing isolated man, totally self involved in avoidances of reality, devoid of moral constitution toward anyone, including himself. As reinforced, in * ‘the knowledge’ by the possession and acquisition of enormous wealth, and the lordship of whole populations of souls, to use as commodities to do his bidding for more power. Surrounded by, a false sense of security in devices. The subject was brought to attention by the proliferation of the uncontrolled advancement of military technologies developed and produced by his conglomerations, of the military machine consisting of rampant experimentation and manipulation of the hue-man genome in the hope of eliminating illness and decease, and for other military applications.

Which will facilitate a devastating outcome, and will result in the countless lost of souls including his own. at this point the subject was deemed a vital candidate for intervention. Observed activities within the hidden under ground mountain facility, are categorized into individual phases.
* One – genetic graphing and splicing, with synthesis of foreign bio-organic matter to develop a soulless mutation (a xenomorphic humanoid hybrid.)
* Two – the cultivating and training of the entities for survival scenarios, and urban tactical warfare, and subliminal conditioning of primeval instincts.
* Three - The infiltration abduction and replacement of hue-mans into the populous. This increased in these last days, in limited number because of our eliminations.

Through the application of hope into the hue-man intellect as his savior subject is in a state of emotional and mental decay. The subject suffers from extensive stages of developmental dementia, clinical schizophrenia, and dilutions of grander. Coupled with, an unlimited access to moneys, material, and manpower with the hope of carrying out the manipulation of the course of humanity itself. As Mr. Galeton received another daily shot of morphine, he growled to his military men ‘Get my soldiers moving’ as the security protocols where disengaged, Mr. Galeton moved into his safe room, a steel harden bunker with triple redundancy fail-safes, equipped with closed circuit monitoring systems with full facility override and control systems.

As his drug induced euphoria took over his mind again. Mr. Galeton began to order innocents into the training room to observe the wrath of his soulless creations, watching gleefully, and with a morbid sense of enjoyment Mr. Galeton knowing the terrifying proficiency of these things, for he had witnessed it, but with every improvement of the genetic sequencing the hybrids became more lethal. As the doors opened to guide the hybrids into a holding room, more souls were ordered into the killing room, the intervention began, as highly trained military men were reduced to quivering terrified men screaming in horror, in fear for their lives.

At the sight of their strange tormenters, it is at this moment, I appeared within the locked room. The terrified men gazed at my simmering form, with wonder if I were another mutation, sent to join in the killing. As they thought, I extended my six wings, above and raised my hands from beneath them; instantaneously the hybrid creatures died a screeching death. The men too fell to the floor as dead; with the power of what just occurred, still viewing from his safe room Mr. Galeton though he was hallucinating from his dementia, or from his potion of drugs. He blinked, rubbing his eyes staring in disbelief.

Realizing this was no hallucination, he hit the alarm panel, it sounded with a deafening sound, with lights flashed, and armed men ran in all directions. Bars slammed down around the interior walls of the killing room, a precautionary safety measure to contain his many failures. I stepped toward the only door in the windowless room my wings and hands aloft, the bars and door melted as water, flowing down to the floor, the trapped men still weeping saw this, and stood upon their feet to run for their lives, but as they rose to look upon my form, I spoke to their souls, ‘peace be unto your souls, go now, tell no one of this’ their tears where now that of joy!

They thanked me as they ran down to corridor to the exit. Still watching all that was transpiring from his safe room, Mr. Galeton screamed ‘No!’ this can’t be happening! Releasing the fail-safe, the door opened and he hurried down the corridor, as the freed men fled passed him; he yelled ‘get back here!’ As more men fled, for the glorious radiates which now filled the corridor, as a blazing star. Time seemed to slow to a mere trickle with every step; he could feel his drug weakened heart bounding in his ears with fear and disbelief. I stood outside the room, suddenly he fell to the floor grasping his chest, and gasping for breath.

I stepped toward him, he tried to scream, but nothing came, his face was as white as death’s, trembling he whispered from his heart of hearts ‘I don’t want to die, please help me.’ I instantly overshadowed his frail and lifeless form, and spoke to his tormented soul ‘it is not yet your time to go’ but for these whom have made you a whiff of a man; it is they who shall come forth, now! And, ‘Speak” Then Self-loathing spoke through with a pitiful groan, ‘Why should we leave? You’re just going to kill us any way?’ ‘We’re going to go with him, to “that place” to feast on his soul’ ‘O’ how you wished that where true,’ I returned.

Worthlessness spoke up ‘he’s not worth having any way just look at him; he’s of no use to you, why should we give him to you?’ I proclaimed! ‘He is of great worth to the Father; the mountain shook! Behold, I have allowed you to speak for his sake, for him to know of your presence. Then, Despair spoke; crying with a cripplingly cold voice of hollowness. ‘We, we can’t let him go! We, we need him!’ Finally at the end of this Suicide spoke ‘We’ll just kill him, if we can’t have him, then you wont have him either!’ ‘Peace!’ I commanded! ‘You shall not tempt the Lord God’ Lightening struck through the entire mountain, and through the foundation where he laid, the thunder clapped with its deafening presence.

The spirits where gone at the voice of the Almighty! I knelt over his lifeless form, covering him with my wings and my outstretched hands, and spoke unto his soul, ‘be ye whole from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet’ he shielded his face and squinted at me and said; ‘who are you?’ I spoke; ‘Arise, go! Your way is peace from this day forth’ He walked down the corridor to the elevator stepped in, and as he turned he thank me, as tears fell down his face and the door closed, never to open again.

NA’SHER– the flying Eagle North

I am eternal, omnipresent a creature of heavenly origin; I am many names and faces; I am Aree, Shore, Adom, and Na’sher. I am four, and we four are ‘One’. I am super-dimensional; I seek within this earthly realm, west, east, north, south to and fro, throughout time and space, for those souls whom have taken into themselves the “rejected ones”. They are ancient ones of hued in nature. Adherent to those which they were told are “forbidden.” my calling, to bring to origin those who have swayed them from their first estate.

Arrogance, Envy, Haughtiness, Lust

This is a true account of those encounters,

Subject: L. K. Jorge of the north, a diplomat, a man of science, a tactician and strategist, and an experimental test-pilot. Subject is presently, entrenched in covert operations to ignite war with a neighboring country, which will result in the indictment of another country for the incident. Subject suffers from acute narcissism with manic bipolar impulsive delusions of paranoia. Primary induction to psychotropic conditioning by the agency, as tide the subject to an Intellectual escapism that has overtaking his every waking moment, with machine-like precision giving the subject heartless, and emotionally cold ability to kill without remorse.

He has over time acquired an unquenchable lust for killing at close range, so he can witness the departing soul, believing that he takes on its life force. Subject’s convert infiltration as revealed the location of multiple sake houses which led to the exposure of the NOC list endangering operatives throughout the world. Subject displays in-depth application of *‘the knowledge’ which facilitated the subject deemed a vital candidate for intervention. Arriving at the non-existent base, meeting with top brass he confirms nights test objectives, it is a live fire exercise, with advance plasma ejection canons.

The subject climbs aboard an experimental craft and straps himself in, he places the prototype thought controlled helmet on. Then, with mere though he energizes the crafts many systems, one of which is a living anti-gravity propulsion system, other internal systems were controlled by the ectoplasm gloves which where in graphed into his helmet. This is the very craft he intents to incur apocalyptic deviation upon neighboring countries military facilities. Then, with a single vertical maneuver the craft reaches optimum altitude, as he concentrates on the tactical ordinances removing their safety lock, the intervention began;

I appeared just above the nose of the craft keeping with his every maneuver. As he began to rationalize within his highly trained mind, ‘atmosphere control must be malfunctioning’ he concentrated on that system, but I remained. He focused on the tail canon to blast me away, but the energy weapon had no effect on my form, as he began to further contemplate a solution, he climbed higher and higher into the atmosphere until he broke through into space itself. Which is where this craft was intended to fly, it became as fluid as glass transforming itself into a more streamlined form, and began to fly at speeds which prior to its development, where not even theoretically possible.

I remain fixed just above its nose, face to face with the subject. His concentration was so averted; by my fierce gaze that he totally forgot his mission’s objective. I opened all six of my wings and reveled my hands, and the craft froze in an instant, it was motionless, now fixed in an equidistant orbit above the earth like (a dead stick), None of his extensive training could have prepare him for this, he then set his mind to firing the plasma canons again, but, with no avail. Feeling like a bug trapped in a jar, he began talking to me believing I where some advanced intellect trying to apprehend the craft.

I began to expose my heart to his souls, and that instant the spirits within him began to manifest, slowly and cleverly they began to rationalize with his mind trying to convince him that I was a hallucination cause by a bio-toxin introduce into his system by the gloves he wore. I discerned the conservation within himself I spoke audibly to him ‘No, I am real, no, you are not hallucinating’ he laughed, and said: ‘bull your trying seizing my craft’! I returned: ‘My concern is your soul, not the thing you sit in’ he slowly removed the control helmet, and gloves then Arrogance spoke: through him and said: ‘my soul?

Your damn right it’s mine!, what use is it to you? Sorry it’s already taken.’ I reached right through the craft into his tormented soul grasping hold to Arrogance hindering it from speaking; leaving Arrogance to stew in its own inept condition, releasing the mental strong-hold it has had on Mr. Jorge, from his view-point I had not moved. The spirit’s hold was weakened but only nominal; his thoughts began to wean from their usual disciplined rigid ness having Arrogance silenced. Desperation raced through the other spirit having lost the power of Arrogance’s voice. With a smug overtone,

Haughtiness spoke up and as if reminding me ‘you have no right to interfere with the goings on of hue-man kind, he is rightfully owned, to do with as we see fit’ I placed my hands together with a great ominous clap, and then quickly closed my inter-most wings, the craft rolled as a corkscrew and with a blinding flash of my wings, glory pulsed through his the soul, a claim glow filled him, Haughtiness was immediately dumb struck in the presence of the ‘Spirit of Lights,’ With the dominate spirits unable to speak, in his presence Mr. Jorge, for the first time in his life became aware of the condition of his ravaged soul, and that it was not his own to control, it had fallen into the realm of darkness.

He began to weep, it was then that Lust whispered to him: you’re your own man, why listen to him? All of your life you’ve been a man of the world, in no need for any ones help, why start giving in him that’ thing’ now? He began to doubt within himself, comparing his accomplishments to those from whom he had to take his orders. Envy spoke through him: ‘I will be the greatest spy in history, I will finish my mission I will control millions! They will bow at my feet, for their every life! He began to give sway to the words Envy whispered, but only for a moment.

He spoke in his own self, asking ‘my I have my life,’ and I seeing the sincerity of his conviction I returned: ‘Yes!’ again I opened all of my wings, the glory of the Almighty shone through unto his soul, and then ‘The Father’ spoke: ‘As you have received, freely give’ ‘The Word’ rushed through him as an ocean of love vanquishing every spirit which tormented him. He sat in the cockpit and just wept, and for the first time it was for joy, he wept, joy had finally come to his heart, He was made completely whole, and anew. I then gazed at him a new soul pure and clean of any unclean thing, He thanked me from the depth of his joyfully heart,

I returned; ‘It is my honor to serve.’ Then I disappeared, He replaced his helmet and gloves, and with a new purpose he flew as he had never flown before. He purposed in his heart to help those whom he had indented to destroy. He sent an encrypted communiqué to the head of mission Intel informing them of danger of the plan which he had developed, and that the safe house containing the NOC list was in jeopardy. He distended but not from which he came, he instead brought this new technology those with a heart more toward God, he landed in America! Which was the intended target.