December 15, 2014

" ...if you lovely folks would pardon my forwardness " ...please pray for Jim Carrey right now...?!"
— Joe Steadman (@Fire4Art)

December 15, 2014

September 23, 2014

I See Fire...a lament for The Father...!

The song “I see fire inside The Mountain(s)”

This is a song of lament to “Father”

Oh misty eye of The Mountain below,

 The Eye in the in the sky watching as The Towers were hit!

 Keep careful watch of my brothers’ soul, and should the sky be filled with fire and smoke,

Keep watching over Durin’s Sleepy sons, unawake unregenerate

 if this is to end in fire they want it that way,

Then we should all burn together, Watch the flames climb high into the night, calling out: “Father oh” Stand By and we will,

Do nothing to stop it,

Watch the Flames burn as the (Au) burn on The Mountain side,


The whole world watched the Fires, high in the sky, not under the rubble…

 And if we should die tonight, we should all die together,

No witnesses,

Rise a glass of wine, for the last time, calling out:

“Father Oh”

Prepare as we will, watch the flames burn (Au} burn on,

The Mountain side,

Desolation comes upon the sky, now I see Fire,

Inside The Mountain Fires inside The Towers,

I see Fire, Burning the Trees, men burning, and I see fire, hollowing souls,

I see Fire, blood in the breeze, and I hope that you remember me, don’t ever forget what was done, Oh should my people fall in, surely I will do the same all who found cause for query die as well, confined in Mountain holes trapped in cubicles we, got too close to the flame, calling out:

“Father, Oh’

Hold fast and we will, don’t do a thing just stand by and watch don’t help, 
Watch the flames burn Auburn on, the flames burn All burn On, The Mountain side, desolation comes upon the sky,
Now I see Fire, Inside The Mountain, I see Fire,

Burning the Trees

The burning of men,”
and I see fire, hollowing souls, leaving the survivors empty for their loss,
I see Fire, blood in the breeze, forced to breath in the dead blood of all whom were burned,
and I hope that you remember me, never forget what the fire took
and if the night is burning, the fire burned for months
I will cover my eyes, will not tell of what is taken away,
For if The dark Returns, cycles of tradition War,
Then my brothers will die,

The fallen first whom risked it all to save souls,

And as the sky is falling down it, everything from above came straight down,
crashed into this lonely town,

With that shadow upon the ground, the thing projected on men minds (fear),

Hear my people screaming out,

 For an hollow heart,

And I see Fire,

Inside The Mountain,


I see Fire,

Burning the Trees,

 And I see fire,

Hollowing souls,

I see Fire, blood in the breeze,

 I see fire,

 And I hope that you remember me,

 Oh you know I saw a city burning out,


And I see fire,

Feel the heat upon my skin, yeah,


And I see fire, Fire,

 And I see fire burn Auburn on,

The Mountain side …
I See Fire...!

August 04, 2008

When there Be! ‘An Acknowledgment to God’s Manifested Promises’

Act 2:17 And it shall be in the last days, saith God,

I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams;

When there Be! ‘An Acknowledgment to God’s Manifested Promises’ ‘Through the Pulling Upon the Heart of Man in this wicked time, in this…

‘The Last Day!’

God Is! As Promised (quote: ‘I Will Pour Out Of My Spirit’ Upon ALL Flesh!’ close quote)

(Weather You want It or Not! Weather you know it or not!)

Sleeping Much?

Not If You’re The One Of The Chosen! Your Not! Not This Day!

But to the rest of those of You out there, on the outside looking In!

Still Asleep,

‘I Say Unto You!’ ‘Wake Up! In your Slumber! And Fear Not!

See His Face In The Perfect Mirror Of His Word Made Flesh!

Alive WithIn You! In Your Spirit! Your Heart! Your Very Core! And Dream! His Dreams! Made Yours For All Eternity!

All you who are dead Unto Him In Your Heart and Mind and in Your daily Lives!

(O’ Ye dead dry bones) Who have not Singleness of Heart enough ‘to Hear!

For The Speeding Of Your Mind! To Hear! ‘His Loving Voice!’

‘Speaking Clear Into All Men’s Heart!’ ‘Eternally Speaking!’ Lovingly! And Clearly Into All The Heart! Of All ManKind!’ To Show You! Man! In His Own Self! In His Own Being! In His ‘IS ness!’

Man Transforms In God! Man In God! God In Man!

Manifesting One Eternal Being!

“The Great I AM!”

(The Father! Manifest In The Son! Manifesting In The Sons Of God!)

Are You Heretofore Dull of Hearing?

Because ‘You do Not!’ Stand still before Him!

Naked! Open! And Honest Before Him!

You To Shall Hear The Voice Of Many Waters Springing Up!

Ever Welling Up Within You!

Consuming You! ‘In Your Heart’s Every Care! ‘Fulfilling Your Every Dream to Reality!

Inheriting The Throne Of Rule From The Father Over ‘Your Own Personal Heaven’

Oh! The Yearning For His Tender Loving Voice! ‘I Am! That ‘I Am!’

You My BeLoved! The Supreme Expression! The Embodiment of All That Is! All Of Creation! All Of It! ‘In You My Bride! In His Loving Voice!’ ‘Maybe you didn’t hear me?’ All That There IS! In Any! And All Known or Unknown Universes, Dimensions, or Parallel Existents! All OF THEM! At All Times All At Once Completely!

Eternally! Speaking To Me In My Heart Preparing My Heart For His Full Expression In This Flesh Me!Take that in for a sweet moment!

August 23, 2007

Awakened Filter

Over the last seven years I’ve gone from being an egger listener to all the top conservative radio talk shows, to an awakened filter of the propaganda, which had indoctrinated me since the early 90’s.

From: Rush Limbaugh, Pat Campbell, Glenn Beck, Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage along with Fox News radio.

Through the course of any given week the mantra is to be espousing through these hosts is ‘walk the line’ according to Network’s owners, who are known controlled CIA assets, under the preview of the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Communication Commission, and more importantly The White House.

Seeing many of these hosts have in fact met with members of The White House, and quite possibly the President himself, for their ‘talking points’ from on high. Some have of their own words announced their visits to the High Priest ‘W’ in the Holy Place of D.C.

Their reoccurring preoccupation with meaningless mediocrity of sensationalism of ‘who, what, when, and where.’ Have caused the instability of the mentality of the citizenry through the relentless manipulation of their opinions and reducing the strength of their daily mental focus.

Over numerous days of superfluous terror alerts, color codes, mandatory airport security lines, roadblocks, and check points. All to curtail our very sense of security and well being, being under constant attack by the slave masters through the media.

Daily our freedoms are being usurped by those who stand ‘as’ our handlers all the while behind closed doors taking the rights our founding fathers fought and died for away from us. Taking our right to travel freely by illegal checkpoints.

Surveillance our every transaction weather public or private through digital (RFID) customer loyalty cards. Also, facial recognition software at our airports, reverse profiling. Not to mention Cameras, e-pass, OnStar, PGS,

Cell phone power off listening, high altitude surveillance blimps.

Illegal stops by mercenary police officers harassing citizens with ‘no probable cause’ but to harass and intimidate the people.

Whom they have no intention to protect and serve’.

December 21, 2006

As The Lord waits!

For the rest of us to get before Him! The next few years, the world will be turned under,
by the control and full spectrum dominance of the ‘Corporate world.’

Contrived shortages of:
(Codex alimentarius manipulation)
(Deliberate ongoing pollution)
(Hindered furtherance of any alternatives)

All of these will occur for the sole purposes of corporate monetary gain!
The souls of men shall become a commodity to be controlled bought sold and traded!

This will be the norm, in the just a few years to come, but the most odious of these controls, is the reinforcement within the mentality of the peoples of America, that these controls are irrefutable and futile to resist because of the fear imposed on them, by the controllers of the modern terror, this fear is to conform peoples into ‘mere spectators’ viewing of the rest of the world, as ‘base primal entertainment.’

As America is fully engrossed and entertained by the wonders of the rest of the worlds’ conflicts, the American peoples worse fears are then realized (freedom is unilaterally stripped from them.) As they all were told to ‘go shopping,’ to act as if the murder of over three thousand people was just a scripted play for their amusement.

And so they all did! Go shopping as good little sheep, they go on daily listening to their ipods, radio and driving their low mpg cars (which gives their controllers even more power over them, by the means of their own ignorant actions,) so they sit and watch their soap operas on their cable and satellite TV’s as if it were just another glorious day in America.

These conformed sheep are so eagerly given over to the luxuries of American life, in exchange for their unquestioning homage and obedience to ‘the world corporation.’ These sheep are in fact ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ willing to turn on those of us who expose the truth, of their controllers, and they are so willing to fight against the exposition of the manipulations of the worlds’ resources, and thereby its populations.

That they will cause many to be killed or imprisoned thinking they do a good service to humanity by getting them out of the way. Thereby allowing more of the stockpiling and hording the worlds’ resources into American coffers. Calling those who dare note the inconsistencies of the ‘official story’ conspiracy ‘nuts.’ When they themselves contrive theories, and dole them for common consumption, to cover their covert activities upon the worlds’ peoples.

Also, as a result of any civil dissent, would be the immediate removal of all freedoms, security, and also including but not limited to the discontinuation of monetary transfers or implementation to the dissenting individuals or groups. For all intensive purposes ‘they will starve out those who have the courage to stand against the ‘official story.’…This is only the beginning of an awakening!

November 13, 2006

An epiphany

I have had an epiphany! It has been such a gut wrenching process, that I found myself losing all interest in all of the former political forums, periodicals and blogs, and appetites that I frequented and also with the friends whom I have had common beliefs with, is now shelved. Never believing that I would ever form an independent thought which was contrary to the lock-step hard line of the conservative republican /democratic pendants.

Being affiliated in mind and belief with the most popular mainstream programming, as by radio, television that have groomed their talking heads to espouse their pre-approved pre-packaged image of freedom, and not the real gift of freedom given from God. Slowly conforming the masses into a shivering waft of our former selves, believing the spoon-fed regiment of snippets, blurbs, and sound bites.

Whereas the relevant issues are glossed over by the mainstream, crowded out by fluff and superfluous attention to fashion, consumerism, racisms, hate, and greed resulting in the assistance the furtherance of a covert clandestine accord by the elite power structure within the world who are linked by the desire to control the world’s people under a tyrannical pursuit of base elemental human rule and dominance of those whom have been enslaved by the construct of those who are the formers of the collective consciousness.

The manipulation of the mind through the conditionings and the stimulation of the senses at the most base level, the arousal of underlying primal fear within the human mind through theatrical embellishments of the conditions of the world around us when it is by this methodologies the consequences of these falsehood are made reality. By giving the peoples a sense of urgency in these falsehoods they run to those whom claim to hold remedy for the worlds ills.

And, if they are willing to follow the prescribed path to self-hollowness, has the trainer snaps its whip corralling the masses into the belief that they will be saved from the horrors of the human animal which is they whom have inflicted the ills upon ourselves, in the first place. The cognitive abilities of the individual being quashed because of the fear of the intuitive awareness of an awakening of the innermost man whom they fear, and whom no one can deceive.

And through this continuance, is the retardation of the transformation of Mankind itself. And if these impressions are the reality of the matter, then what shall we do when we see that it is we ourselves who are the ‘they’ whom have caused theses things to come forth within our pursuit of our own illusionary and security?

What shall you do?

Reverend Joseph G. Steadman