May 09, 2006

The Eye of the Frog

The Eye of the Frog, science tells us the frog has a focused range of sight. Though it is extremely limited, but very detailed is in its over-all range of vision. It only focuses on one thing at time. Thereby it is extremely vulnerable, and it can not defend itself from behind, especially when gorging it self, so it must have a very adaptive skin, to ward off potential predators, they breathe through it, they constantly shed it, and even produce toxins with it.

The frog is a very difficult animal to befriend, it is constantly on the move in pursuit of prey, and is know at times even to eat their own, all others in the animal kingdom know of its dangerously anti-social behavior and defer form crossing paths with it. It will sit on one place until all environmental resources are consumed; it defecates, and drinks from the same water source. It will even eat until it bursts.

Throughout life’s journey we have all come across ‘frogs’ who have very limited views of life, and how it came to be. Their focus is on only one or two points which they base their entire view of life on, and because they do not have the ability to defend themselves through conversation, because of their limited views, and that they are constantly gorging they selves to fill their enormous egos. They develop a very toxic nature repelling anyone whom they consider a threat to their view of life.

If one tries to develop a relationship, or touch them they will secrete an offensive and often deadly barrier between themselves and those who try to touch them. They have no restraint even when it comes to procreation of their views; they will pile-on in order to intimidate as many others as possible.

They will over-take an area until all others are as they are, or until they run them out of their resource. How many frogs do you know?

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